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Establishment of Thalasemia Center on 01-01-2013

Establishment of Skill Development Center on 01-01-2012

Establishment of Youth Research Center 01-02-2012

A Free Medical Camp by HOPE Organization was held on 02/02/2012 at 10:00 hrs.

Vision and Mission
Thalassemia Center
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Polio Eradication Project
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HOPE organization is established purely on humanitarian grounds, working in the field of health, education, awarness raising and skill development.HOPE organization is providing health facilities to the door step of the community by organizing free medical camps in which beside medical checkup and examination free medicine, investigations also provide to the patients.HOPE organization team comprises of qualified doctors, paramedics, LHVs and LHWs, organizes awareness program on monthly basis and deliver awareness raising lecture in different schools, colleges, vocational training centres.The basic aim and objective behind these awareness campaign are to safeguard the community against the communicable infectious disease.
Our Main Objectives
  • To provide basic health facilities to the needy & poor community regardless of cast, creed & religion.
  • To impart health education, language literacy.
  • Awareness raising against the infectious disease and communicable disease through organizing awareness campaigns at different schools, colleges and universities level.
  • To empower the youth through skill development in the filed of computer.
  • To empower the women through skill development, helping them to become a self supportive member of the society.
  • Promot and provide education, skills training and enterprise development services especially for women and children.
  • Rais awareness and acceptance of humain rights in its different form,
  • To implement a comprehensive programme of evaluation policies to assist public sector institutions to respond to the needs of the marginalized people.