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Establishment of Thalasemia Center on 01-01-2013

Establishment of Skill Development Center on 01-01-2012

Establishment of Youth Research Center 01-02-2012

A Free Medical Camp by HOPE Organization was held on 02/02/2012 at 10:00 hrs.

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Vision and Mission

Our Mission

To provide first class quality blood banking and hematological services safely and competitively to Mustahiq patients and the community at large.
To ensure the use of FDA/CE approved high quality material and equipments for the treatment of thalassemia, hemophilia and other genetic blood disorders.
To achieve managerial and technical excellence in the field of blood banking and hematological services.
To engage professional manpower in the field of blood banking and hematological services.
To provide in house and off site training and development to staff in all functional areas.
To ensure complete transparency, good governance and management practices as non profite organization.

Our vision

To maintain and project Hope Organization Welfare Hospital and Thalassemia Center on the World Map.
To strenghten our leading position in thalassemia management.
To shape the blood baning and hematological sector by integrating test result and medical information.
To provide awareness and prevention of thalassemia in Pakistan so as to support decision makers and superior patient management.